There are those of us who know it’s time to go deeper.
Our times call for more of the feminine,
more transformational leadership,
more heart,
More. Of. You.

I Believe…

…the world will be revolutionized by women who are unafraid to disrupt the
status quo, untether from mediocre thinking and lead from a set of personal
principles that guide and govern every decision she makes.


In order for any of this to happen, you must
first get nourished.


If you’re ready for a journey of personal elevation, evolution, and empowerment?


Join transformational leadership coach, Felicia Davis, on a journey to alchemize
Sovereignty & Self-Care to unlock your full potential from the inside out.
Nourish focuses explicitly on three layers of expansion and elevation.


Nourish focuses explicitly on three layers of expansion and elevation.

Self-Care: Reframing your current habits with Intention, Attention & Repetition to create a multilayered ritual of deep connection with yourself and others.

Sovereignty: Getting you rooted in your power, presence, and agency to lead with authority while getting paid to be you.

Sisterhood: Connecting in circle with like-spirited sisters around a monthly theme of contemplations that bring you back home to your center.

Nourish is for success-driven black women leaders who feel trapped in a cycle of
overwhelm, overwork, and underappreciation and are ready to evolve to their next
level infused with peace, purpose, pleasure, and attunement.


My clients learn to heal, restore, and empower their energy while expanding their awareness,
focus, attention, and leadership skills.


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